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VÖ: 24.11.2017
Awesome instrumental guitar disc by this outstanding axemaster from Illinois featuring 21 tracks of excellent, powerful, dynamic, blues-based, heavy guitar rock riffage that stands tall and defines serious, world-class, six string artistry. With the hefty 21 track musical display, the listener get's treated to a colossal display of high-octane, intelligent, killer riffage that lands cerebral = (Riffology). Celebrating his lifetime as a guitarist, Jimmy Ryan has honed all his musical skills for many years in The Flyin' Ryan Brothers, Truth Squad along with a multitude of other bands & recording projects.

On his latest way-kool Grooveyard Records disc: 21st Century Riffology", Mr. Ryan has landed masterful as an experienced guitar rock veteran displaying a myriad of superb, accomplished fretboard skills. Our good musical brother Jimmy Ryan delivers a mega-kick-ass performance with his super-sonic axework featuring "tightly focused, fully realized, bursts of liberated guitar madness". Jimmy Ryan is a true, legit, old-school, total guitar rocker who speaks volumes on the instrument complete with vast amounts of style & class, a modern day guitar slingin' riffmaster supreme who definitely Keeps the Rock alive on the impressive "21st Century Riffology" disc. An essential instrumental guitar rock musical document

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