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NECROMONKEY: A glimpse of possible endings
Necromonkey ist die Kollaboration zwischen den beiden Schweden Mattias Olsson (White Willow, Ex-Anglagard) sowie David Lundberg (Gösta Berlings Saga). Eigentlich werden hier alle Regeln für den typischen Aufbau eines Songs dieses Genres gebrochen. Keine flirrenden Gitarren. Keine Walls Of Sound. Eher abgedrehte Ansammlung sich ständig verändernder elektronisch-organischer Mischsounds (kein Angst Rocker, Gitarren gibt es hier auch), die sich gegen Ende hin immer höher auftürmen. Aus der Euphonie wird mitunter eine Kakophonie, die jedoch nie im Chaos endet. Verkopft ist das zwar, aber genial! Ein richtig geile Achterbahnfahrt, dieser Track. Wie das ganze Album. Hier gibt es noch wirklich was zu entdecken, was zuviele Worte vielleicht zerstören könnten. Deshalb stoppe ich und empfehle Suchenden: Zugreifen!
Thomas Becker/Powermetal.de - 9/10 Punkten
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 17717
Preis: € 12,99
NECROMONKEY: Show Me Where It Hertz
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"Show Me Where It Hertz" kombiniert auf recht eigene, kurzweilige und klangvolle Art und Weise farbige Elektroniksounds der zweiten Hälfte der 70er mit allerlei wave-synthpop-artigen Rhythmusspuren aus den 80ern, verunreinigt mit moderneren Klangmustern und experimentell-freiformatigen Ausflügen. Am ehesten ist das klangliche Ergebnis wohl mit der rezenteren Musik von Zombi, The Night Terrors oder Zoltan vergleichbar, wenn man denn unbedingt einen Vergleich bemühen möchte. Wer die Werke der Letzteren schätzt, und eigenartige Vermengungen von Elektronik, Retroprog und Krautrock, der sollte "Show Me Where It Hertz" auf keinen Fall verpassen!
Achim Breiling/BBS - 12/15 Punkten
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 20409
Preis: € 12,99


VÖ: 27.12.2014
Necromonkey sind David Lundberg (Gösta Berlings Saga) und Mattias Olsson (u.a. Änglagård, White Willow), die nach 2 Studioalben nun ihr erstes Livealbum präsentieren. Roh, unbearbeitet und sehr intensiv kommt das instrumentale Material der fünf Musiker daher. Wer sich darauf einlässt wird mit fasizinierendem Kopfkino belohnt. 2015 erscheint übigens das dritte Studioalbum der Band.

1. How to become an Orphan Planet in 3 easy steps
2. Every time we went there we always hoped Khan woul…h your plate
3. Pandas always try to disguise their sluttyness as being…openminded
4. Living in the shadow of Kent Korns Cheston
5. Roth Stem
6. Impossible gibbons

David Lundberg: Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Mini Moog, Moog Taurus, Pocket Piano
Mattias Olsson: Drums, Percussion, Mellotron, Moog Satellite
Einar Baldursson: Electric guitar
Kristian Holmgren: Bass, Percussion
Brian Coralian: Additional Percussion
Live sound & tour managing: Brandt Dettling

Ive been entrusted by the band to write something about the US Tour and the recordings that will be released from those concerts. We live in a time where everything you see is retouched, made up, rigged and fixed. In all the pictures we see the edges are smudged, the colours augmented and the legs are longer, the breasts are bigger and the men are always silent. Reality isnt that good. These are fingerpaint recordings. Broad strokes and primary colours crashing bluntly into each other. We couldnt clean it up even if we wanted too. There isnt a fixed tempo and in many songs not really a fixed arrangement. We have a rough idea of how the thing starts and how it ends but large chunks of the middle is a bit mushy, possibly organic, environmentally unstable being that is hard to figure out or to understand. A bit like the middle part of a Big Mac. Who knows whats in the middle? And do we really want to take it apart? To us this is the real meaning of a live recording. A blurry loud snapshot of a band on the move. Musicians thinking on their feet. No second chances or touch ups. It has fairly little to do with what we have recorded for the albums in the studio. There are musical guidelines and basic structures. But like superglue the real magic happens when it comes in contact with air. Everything changes in front of an audience. We have also chosen to include songs on these albums that arent even released yet. We are working on them as I write this and they will be released in a studio version later on. Oddly enough the prerecorded studioversions have changed after playing the songs live. We have felt the need to include parts that were made up on the tour. Another important reason for releasing these recordings is to share these concerts with our friends who for different reasons couldnt make it to Pianos or New Jersey or North Carolina. Here is a second chance. Even if we havent been able to do all that much cleaning Chris Cline has done his outmost to master this unruly sonic beast. Taming noise, learning it tricks and then releasing it into the world in glorious stereo. Our tourmanager/live engineer Brandt Dettling has been a life saver on this tour. A mix between your favorite concierge, a blind hitman and Yanni Alexis Mardas. He made sure we were four at the beginning of the day and four at the end. And he made us sound louder and wider whilst doing it. …and to push the fingerpainting analogy even further. The cover you are holding in your hand is handmade by our comrade in style, Henning Lindahl. Like the eleven-fingered waiter Khan at Indian Palace he has touched every single one of them with his own hands. This recording is not the full story of Necromonkeys East coast tour but ist a loud postcard from a stop on the way. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you for listening.
Words: Mattias Olsson, Stockholm, 19th October 2014

Format: CD | BestellNr.:18853 | Preis: € 8,99  

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