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3RD EAR EXPERIENCE: Incredible Good Fortune
VÖ: 2014
3rd Ear Experience spielen Schamanen-Spacerock, der den Spagat zwischen Tradition und Moderne ziemlich gut hinkriegt. Das Album wurde live bei der „FurstWurld Performance and Art Gallery“ aufgenommen. Der Album-Titel stellt einen Bezug zur Science-Fiction-Schriftstellerin Ursula K. Le Guin her. Im Zentrum der meist langen und gut abgehenden Stücke steht eine solierende E-Gitarre. Aber wabernde Synthiesounds und auch klassische Orgelsounds sorgen erst für das instrumentale Grundgerüst.
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 24118
Preis: € 15,99
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Auf 500 Stück limitierte und handnummerierte Edition mit Booklet (Format 17 x 17cm). Das neue Album der SpaceRockStoner um Robbi Robb
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 24827
Preis: € 15,99
3RD EAR EXPERIENCE: Stoned Gold 2LP black
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Limitiert auf 200 Stück, Doppel LP, 180g - 20-seitiges Booklet (The Art of the Jam Band") - Klappcover - handnummeriert
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 25157
Preis: € 27,99
3RD EAR EXPERIENCE: Stoned Gold 2LP blue
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Limitiert auf 300 Stück, Doppel LP, 180g - 20-seitiges Booklet (The Art of the Jam Band") - Klappcover - handnummeriert
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 25158
Preis: € 28,99
3RD EAR EXPERIENCE: Stones Of A Feather 2LP black
Auf 195 Stück lim. 2LP im schwarzen Vinyl.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 25709
Preis: € 27,99


VÖ: 18.11.2016
Desert psych explorers 3rd Ear Experience are gearing up to release their fourth full-length, Stones of a Feather, on CD and LP. The former is out Nov. 18 and the latter sometime in early 2017 via Space Rock Productions, which is the label helmed by none other than Scott “Dr. Space” Heller of Øresund Space Collective — his support is no minor endorsement for anything tripped out to receive — and the band is reportedly going to make a return trip to Europe presumably to coincide with that release.

On their new album STONES OF A FEATHER 3rd Ear Experience have taken full advantage of the musical possibilities unique to space rock. It is clear that their environment, the Mojave desert, with ist wide open spaces, big skies and rugged landscapes, have helped them to blossom a modern desert music, rich in the complex overtones of 60’s psychedelic rock. STONES OF A FEATHER, 3rd Ear Experiences 4th album, is a curious mixture of the old and the new; reaching back into the reckless abandonment of Cream live circa: 1967 to Ornette Coleman’s free jazz, diving down into the deep well of Krautrock to soaring on fuzzy Sabbath like riffs of contemporary stoner rock. Yet no generalization is ultimately true of 3rd Ear Experience. The music was derived from spontaneous ideas that came up during live jams on their 2015 tour of Europe and from free form jamming at the FurstWurld Gallery of Music and Performing Arts where the band records. The album guests 18 local desert musicians considered by many to be the cream of the desert crop! Dug Pinnick of Kings X fame, returns once again to add his heavy bottom growl to the brew. Please browse the blog for interesting stories on each of these musicians and how they came to be part of this album. Blog: http://www.robbirobb.com/blog/?p=181

01. Flight Of The Annunaki 10:07
02. The Old Woman's Dance 08:06
03. Return Of The Peacock 09:55
04. Chungo 09:16
05. The Balladeer's Tale 16:01
06. Everlasting Sea (Vinyl only!) 04:50
07. Spacetripping (live) 20:02

Format: CD | Cat-No:22969 | Price: € 15,99  

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