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VÖ: 07.07.2017
Awesome debut studio disc by this excellent riff-heavy guitar rock band from Greece. Includes 11 tracks of bad-ass, killer, blues-based, retro-sonic, heavy guitar power trio riffage that rocks hard with outstanding six string excellence. Riding high & loud with a way-kool Biker Rock theme, Hard Driver is primed & ready to Keep the Rock alive with their premium brand of ass-kickin', muscular, hard rockin', guitar-fueled, power trio mojo.

Hard Driver features the impressive, kick-ass, six string skills of Stavros Papadopoulos on guitar & vocals. Stavros is a good musical brother of the Grooveyard who also plays guitar in the following bands: Super Vintage, Freerock Saints and Universal Hippies. Brother Stavros is a legit, modern day, axeslinger riff:master + mojo:man who speaks the guitar rock truth complete with an old school" style & vibe. The man is an authentic, prolific guitar rock animal who produces & delivers the "Riffage That Matters." Hard Driver also features the powerful rhythm section of Jim Petridis on Bass & Chris Lagios on Drums, both excellent players who lay down phat & sassy grooves that land rock solid and will kick your ass into the next County. The end result hits hard and is "All About The Rock." Loud guitars & fast motorcyles rule in the world of Hard Driver. Highly Recommended to fans of Super Vintage, Freerock Saints, Universal Hippies and all other world-class, top-shelf, memorable, blues-based, heavy guitar rock music. Crank up the Volume and Prepare to Rock with Hard Driver on the essential "Freedom Machine" disc. "

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