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STEAK: Slab City + 1 Digi
ab sofort lieferbar
Lim. Erstauflage im Digipack + Bonustrack.
They say the British prefer their steak bloody, almost most of them still eat it raw. However, here lies an English piece of meat ahead, that has been cooked through and previously depended rather well. One could almost say that this thing is really nice and dry. Dry" is the right term for describing the sound of these four young men from London. Nothing is inflated, anything artificial and nothing pimped. Slab City sounds like a smelly rehearsal room, beer, sweat and honest work
Format: CD | Cat-No:18238 | Price: € 9,99
CROBOT: Something Supernatural LP
VÖ: 24.10.2014
Es gab eine Zeit, in der die Rock Radios von großartigen Riffs dominiert wurden. Von DEEP PURPLE's 'Smoke On The Water' und DEREK AND THE DOMINOES' 'Layla' bis SOUNDGARDEN's 'Black Hole Sun' und RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE's 'Killing In The Name Of' - es ging rein um diesen unverwechselbaren Gitarrensound, anhand dessen man direkt eine Band oder einen Song identifizieren konnte. Mit ihrer Fusion aus Funk, Blues, Metal und Rock n Roll haben CROBOT ein Album aus endlos grandiosen Rock-Hooks komponiert. Jenes Album hört auf den Namen »Something Supernatural« und erscheint am 24. Oktober.
Format: LP | Cat-No:18486 | Price: € 14,99
ab sofort lieferbar
Song In My Head is perhaps the band s tightest and most skillful album yet. After years of feeling more like live players than studio musicians, the band members finally tapped into the skill that two decades worth of performing brings.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17871 | Price: € 9,99
MORSE, NEAL: Songs From November Deluxe Edt.
ab sofort lieferbar
Er ist fast ein so fleißiges Bienchen wie sein dicker Kumpel Mike Portnoy, mit dem er bei Transatlantic und Flying Colors spielt. Für beide gemeinsamen Bands hat Neal Morse im vergangenen Jahr jede Menge Musik komponiert und Live zu seinen Fans gebracht. Aber offensichtlich hat der gute Mann noch Luft nach oben und so hat er bei seinem Label Inside Out Music nun für den 15. August nun sein neues Solo-Album Songs From November" angekündigt.
Format: CD | Cat-No:18126 | Price: € 12,99
INSIDE AGAIN: Songs Of Love & Disaster
2. Album der polnischen Artrocker - musikalisch zwischen Archive & Porcupine Tree
Format: CD | Cat-No:15038 | Price: € 6,99
HAWKWIND: Sonic Attack + 9 2LP
VÖ: 18.11.2013
Neuauflage des 1981er Albums als 2LP + 9 Bonustracks
Format: LP | Cat-No:16705 | Price: € 15,99
HAWKWIND: Spacehawks 2LP
ab sofort lieferbar
Straight from the furthest reaches of space and time, comes another dose of the mind altering substance that is HAWKWIND. Back once more to delight and astound us mere mortals with their timeless blend of Hard rock and Psychadelia, blown into orbit on the back of a rocket ship; HAWKWIND once again prove they are the Masters of the Universe. With 14 exclusive tracks, ranging from the re-imagining of classic hits like Sunship" and "Seasons" to brand new, previously unheard tracks like "Lonely Moon" this is a tour de force of space rock, unlikely to be matched or surpassed by any young pretenders
Format: LP | Cat-No:16703 | Price: € 15,99
Die 4 Portugiesen von EVIDENCE sind die Entdeckung der Rock Hard Unerhört Vol./7 CD
Format: CD | Cat-No:774 | Price: € 0,99
VÖ: 21.12.2012
Australien-Import auf Bird's Robe Records! Touring buddies City of Ships and Rosetta release a split EP to celebrate their Australian tour in July/August 2012. Featuring both bands trademark blend of heavy and ambient rock, the EP is a masterful showcase of some of the world's best.
Format: CD | Cat-No:15156 | Price: € 4,99
ab sofort lieferbar
“Spots” is the most ambitious release in the Unified Past catalogue. It is a musical concept whose aim is to take the listener on a journey to various musical spots across the progressive rock landscape. Starting with the opening track, “Blank”, Unified Past delivers a powerful statement and quickly catches the listeners attention. From there, the band takes you on the journey - exploring various styles of progressive rock including progressive metal, fusion, and classic 70’s influenced prog, highlighted by the Pink Floyd meets Genesis influenced closer, “The Final”.
Format: CD | Cat-No:16140 | Price: € 6,99

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