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IQ: The Road Of Bones 2CD
Album des Monats - Mai 2014 - ECLIPSED Magazin
Lim. 2CDDigipak Edition which contains around 40 minutes of exclusive new tracks. The tenth studio album by British progressive rock mainstay IQ shows them at their best, and with a definite edge.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17525 | Price: € 19,99
JACK FOSTER III: Apple Jack Magic
Nach über 5 Jahren Wartezeit veröffentlicht Jack Foster III endlich wieder ein neues Studioalbum!
Format: CD | Cat-No:17753 | Price: € 15,99
JETHRO TULL: Live In Switzerland 2003 3LP-Box
VÖ: 19.04.2014
RECORD STORE DAY! Live Switzerland 2003 is a live recording by British rock band Jethro Tull, of the concert Montreux Jazz Festival where the band played in 2003. DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!!!
Format: LP | Cat-No:17600 | Price: € 49,99
JFK NEWS: April 2014
Aufgrund der vielen hochwertigen Neuveröffentlichungen haben wir einen 20-seitigen Neuheiten-Katalog "JFK-News - April 2014" drucken lassen. Wie immer randvoll mit den aktuellsten Neuheiten und Importen und dazu auch noch reichlich Vinyl! Jeder Bestellung legen wir ab sofort ein Exemplar bei - wer möchte kann auch sein Exemplar formlos als PDF-Datei bestellen.
Viel Spaß bei der Lektüre!
Format: CD | Cat-No:17621 | Price: € 0
KAMCHATKA: Doorknocker Blues 7'' -RSD-
VÖ: 19.04.2014
Exclusive RECORD STORE DAY release - A: Doorknocker Blues (acoustic) B: Doorknocker Blues (electric)
Format: LP | Cat-No:17738 | Price: € 12,99
KANSAS: Point Of Know Return LP
Neuauflage via Music On Vinyl - 180g Vinyl mit Einleger
Format: LP | Cat-No:17598 | Price: € 21,99
VÖ: 19.04.2014
Exclusive RECORD STORE DAY release! The annual record store day is coming on april 19th, so how do we celebrate this? Katatonia collectors and vinyl lovers will be pleased to know that we’ve compiled some of our most rare and appreciated b-sides on a 12? Vinyl for the first time ever! Printed on matte reversed stock and limited to 2000 copies, ‘Kocytean’ will be available only from independent record stores, so get ready to hunt down your copy next month and enjoy this beautiful vinyl release! 180g heavyweight vinyl / RSD Exclusive
Format: LP | Cat-No:17726 | Price: € 22,99
VÖ: 05.05.2014
“dark nordic progressive rock, with excursions into kraut & art rock”
Kaukasus can be viewed as a musical tripod — ist weight firmly in the middle, where the three points meet. The three points being Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho), Rhys Marsh (The Autumn Ghost, Opium Cartel) & Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, White Willow)
Format: CD | Cat-No:17718 | Price: € 16,99
KING CRIMSON: King Crimson Collectors Club Live At The Pier, NYC Aug. 2nd, 1982
VÖ: 04.02.2014
Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy on behalf of King Crimson & the King Crimson Collectors' Club.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17342 | Price: € 15,99
KING CRIMSON: King Crimson Collectors Club Live In Milan June 20th, 2003 2CD
VÖ: 04.02.2014
2CD: KCCC #39: Live in Milan June 20, 2003 captures the last commercially recorded incarnation early into ist final European tour before Warr touch guitarist Trey Gunn's departure and, while it may have a few more warts than other KCCC recordings, they only serve to make Crimson more human.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17344 | Price: € 16,99

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