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MORSE, NEAL: Testimony 1 2CD
Format: CD | BestellNr.:14344 | Preis: € 14,99
NO-MAN: Schoolyard Ghosts 2CD
Format: CD | BestellNr.:17319 | Preis: € 14,99
NO-MAN: Together We‘re Stranger +2
Re-Release des Steven Wilson Sideprojects No-Man von 2003 - Remastered von Steven Wilson - Plus zwei Bonus Tracks
Format: CD | BestellNr.:18393 | Preis: € 14,99
VÖ: 19.09.2014
Single CD version Recorded at Snap Studios and mixed at Strongroom Studios in London, The Pineapple Thief’s new album Magnolia represents the ultimate culmination of Bruce’s ongoing quest to raise spirits and touch hearts. A devastating but uplifting collection of 12 beautifully crafted songs, it showcases the band’s intuitive chemistry and soulful demeanour, cramming a vast array of emotional shades and inspirational ideas into ist 47 mesmerising minutes.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:18175 | Preis: € 14,99
ab sofort lieferbar
dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales and Thomas Pridgen enjoyed the experience of collaborating so much that they headed back into the studio to record a second album of psychedelic blues, hard rock, and progressive soul/R&B together. As for the chemistry between the three, Gales said it all clicked almost instantly.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:17237 | Preis: € 14,99
ROBINSON, RICH: Ceaseless Sight
ab sofort lieferbar
On the eve of the release of his third solo album, Rich Robinson, best known as the guitarist, songwriter, and founder of The Black Crowes, stands ready to complete the solo artist evolution that he began ten years earlier. The Ceaseless Sight is an album that represents the full maturation of Rich as a songwriter, vocalist, and solo artist. The album finds Robinson stepping solidly into his own as a solo artist as he adds confident vocalist and lyricist to his accomplished musical resume.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:17997 | Preis: € 14,99
SATURN: Ascending
FAZIT: Erstklassige Siebziger-Verehrung.
Philipp Walter/Musikreviews.de - 12/15 Punkten
Format: CD | BestellNr.:18249 | Preis: € 14,99
SEVEN THAT SPELLS: The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: IO
ab sofort lieferbar
Modern, aggressive psychedelic wall of sound incorporating polymetrics and occasional Viking funeral rites; hailing from the 23rd century where rock is dead, Seven That Spells returned in time where ist still possible to change the tragic course of boring history.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:17991 | Preis: € 14,99
SIXXIES, THE: Hollow Shrine
ab sofort lieferbar
Auf dem Glassville-Label kommt jetzt ein Highlight. Die US-Newcomer von The Sixxis orientieren sich bei ihrem Progressive-Metal-Debüt (nach selbstbetitelter EP) ‘Hollow Shrine‘ an Bands wie Rush, Muse, System Of A Down oder Alice In Chains. Sie mischen dabei gekonnt Heavy- und Alternative-Rock mit Melodic-Elementen. Nach gemeinsamen Tourneen mit Wishbone Ash, The Winery Dogs oder Adrian Belew Power Trio, nahm sich der Multi-Grammy Award-Gewinner David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Stone Sour, Placebo, Silverchair, Dream Theater u.v.a.) der Band an, und produzierte ‘Hollow Shrine‘. Während des Releases ist die Band bereits auf großer Europa-Tour mit Spock’s Beard, und wird dabei sechs Gigs in Deutschland spielen.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:18296 | Preis: € 14,99
SPACE INVADERS & NIK TURNER: Playing The Sonic Noise Opera
VÖ: 15.08.2014
According to their slogan „free improvised music to fly and travel into space“, the Space Invaders considered their cooperation with the Master of Space Sax, the mighty Thunder Rider Nik Turner (formerly Hawkwind), to be the ideal symbiosis.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:18291 | Preis: € 14,99

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