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BLACK LABEL: Blood Money / Live In Berlin 2CD
VÖ: 28.02.2014
Das 4. Studioalbum der australischenPower-Bar-Blues Rocker erscheint zusammen mit einem kompletten Livealbum Live In Berlin". Tipp für Fans von Rose Tattoo & Konsorten!
Format: CD | Cat-No:17445 | Price: € 14,99
BLUEFIELDS, THE: Under High Cotton
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The Bluefields: An American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their rock and roll story might be as pure and simple as the prior statement if it weren’t for the fact that the combined band members’ resumes boast platinum record success, a Grammy nomination, an Americana Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award and song authorships that have become iconic, rock and roll standards, making this band far from simple. Comprised of rock veterans, Warner E. Hodges on lead guitar and vocals (Jason and the Scorchers), Dan Baird on bass, guitars and vocals (Georgia Satellites), Brad Pemberton on drums (Ryan Adams and the Cardinals) and Joe Blanton on lead vocals and guitar (Royal Court of China), these southern bred rockers remind you why you love rock and roll in the first damn place!
Format: CD | Cat-No:17563 | Price: € 14,99
BLUES PILLS: Live At Rockpalast 10'' black
VÖ: 14.02.2014
10" im schwarzen Vinyl - ach lediglich zwei Eps hat es die schwedisch-französisch-amerikanische Blues-Rock-Allianz geschafft, als hellster Stern am gegenwärtigen Rock-Musik-Himmel zu scheinen…
Format: LP | Cat-No:17267 | Price: € 14,99
BOSTON: Feeling It In Cleveland: Live In Ohio 1976
ab sofort lieferbar
Boston's debut album was released on August 8, 1976 and was an enormous success. The record ranks as the best-selling debut album in U.S. history with over 17 million copies sold. During the late summer and early fall of 1976, Boston attracted much publicity due to the unprecedented record sales by an unknown act, ist unique sound, and singer Brad Delp's vocal abilities. After support slots for established acts such as Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult the group headed out on a headline tour in Winter/Spring 76/77 and it was during this jaunt that the broadcast included on this CD was made, while playing at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17352 | Price: € 14,99
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Coen Wolters takes his style to new levels on Illumination. With infectious riffs and emotionally driven vocals, the new album is a sure treat to fans new and old. A funky, bluesy sensational swirl of sound, one might say. Off to the races, Coen starts out with two sizzling tracks, “Time Of Day” and the single, “Complicated.” Both equal parts funky and soulful, Stevie Wonder meets Stevie Ray.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17370 | Price: € 14,99
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Digipack: Oscuropasso is the second album of Italian hard rock trio Doctor Cyclops. In a genre where as it seems since Black Sabbath most everything has had been said, these folks come up with a very intense and exciting album.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17356 | Price: € 14,99
ab sofort lieferbar
Die legendäre Schweizer Rockband meldet sich mit einem sensationellen neuen Album zurück!
Format: CD | Cat-No:17544 | Price: € 14,99
GUS G.: I Am The Fire
ab sofort lieferbar
Auf dem Album erwartet euch ein ausgewogener Mix aus präzisem Songwriting, treibendem modernen Rock, klassischem Hard Rock, stampfenden Metal-Stücken und atemberaubenden Instrumentals. Eine abwechslungsreiche musikalische Reise, die weitere Facetten von Gus G.s Gitarrenspiel offenbaren wird.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17386 | Price: € 14,99
VÖ: 2009
Melodic Rock Brett vom Feinsten. Feat. Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Robert Sall & Erik Martensson Inkl Bonus DVD mit 4 Videos
Format: CD | Cat-No:17444 | Price: € 14,99
BIRTH OF JOY: Prisoner
ab sofort lieferbar
Mit 97 Konzerten quer durch Europa und Nordamerika in 2013 haben BIRTH OF JOY bereits bewiesen dass sie eine wahre Live Rock Sensation sind. Ihr Sound aus psychedelischen 60/70s Hooklines gewürzt mit Stoner, Blues und Rock&Roll Einflüssen spricht eine Ur-Emotion an die tief verborgen in vielen von uns liegt.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17399 | Price: € 15,99

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