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MILLER, RICK: Heart Of Darkness
ab sofort lieferbar
This is my latest CD, in the genre of what I would call Progressive Rock. That term defining the type of music that was made famous throughout the 70s by bands such as Genesis, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd. The music is soft, dark and melancholy because that's the way I like it, so if you like your Prog Rock with lots of jazz fusion or heavy metal in it, you may not find what you're looking for here. I do hope you enjoy though.. And thanks for listening.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17944 | Price: € 14,99
ab sofort lieferbar
EEPS: A signature sound and cohesive vibe of melodic rock, experimental/avant garde, and prog. With a few pop songs thrown into the mix. (Album produced by Scott Schorr and Marco Minnemann) || Marco Minnemann is looked upon by his peers and fans as one of the most innovative drummers on the international music scene today. As a solo artist, Marco proves he's not just about drums: on this album he composed all the songs, lyrics and plays every instrument on the album (along with engineering and recording the record and mixing a number of the tracks). Marco has performed and/or recorded with The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, Buddy Rich Big Band, Necrophagist, Nina Hagen, Kreator, Terry Bozzio, Mike Keneally and last year's critically acclaimed album, Levin Minnemann Rudess - including Tony Levin on Bass and Stick, and Jordan Rudess on Keyboards.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17990 | Price: € 15,99
ab sofort lieferbar
The CD features the music and lyrics written by keyboard player Rindert Lammers and is loosely a concept about the different roads people take in life. Main influences on this album include Neal Morse, Frost*, Transatlantic and Camel, and thealbum was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerben Klazinga (Knight Area).
Format: CD | Cat-No:18046 | Price: € 15,99
MOE: No Guts, No Glory
Unberechenbar und leicht zu goutieren, herzlich und trotzdem nicht scheißfreundlich, proggy und unerhört locker aufspielend - MOE. lehnen sich mit "No Guts, No Glory" weit aus dem Fenster und setzen zum Höhenflug an, statt in die Tiefe zu stürzen: so gute Songs, dass der Begriff "Jam Band" ad absurdum geführt wird.
A. Schiffmann/Musikreviews.de - 13/15 Punkten
Format: CD | Cat-No:18000 | Price: € 15,99
MOETAR: Entropy Of The Century
VÖ: 18.08.2014
Describing MoeTar is no easy feat. In fact, the task is as challenging as the band’s music itself. A simplistic and accurate statementcould be “MoeTar sounds like the Beatles + Frank Zappa + XTC on Acid”. You could also try to peg MoeTar to a list of genres, but who the hell knows what a prog-pop-fusion-avant fusion band sounds like anyway?
Format: CD | Cat-No:18118 | Price: € 15,99
VÖ: 11.07.2014
Ein ganz tolles NeoProg Album sowie ein Fest für alle Tastenfreaks kommt aus Ontario/Kanada. Monarch Trail heisst die Band und besteht aus dem Trio Dino Verginella (Bass), Chris Lamont (Drums) sowie dem Keyboarder/Sänger Ken Baird. Die Musik ist sehr melodiös gehalten und dürfte vorallem Fans von IQ oder Lifesigns ansprechen. Auch die leichten Fusion-Einflüsse lassen in Richtung frühe IQ schielen wie beim coolen Instrumental East Of Fifty. Fazit: Skye hat sich in kürzester Zeit zu einem meiner Lieblingsalben hochgearbeitet und für mich ganz klar eines der Highlights von 2014! NeoProg At Ist Best! Kaufempfehlung. Daniel Eggenberger
Format: CD | Cat-No:18091 | Price: € 15,99
MONOLORD: Empress Rising
VÖ: 04.04.2014
Sweden's psychedelic doom band, Monolord, releases ist first full length 'Empress Rising' via Easy Rider Records. The five-song album clocks in at almost 50 minutes of skull crushing heavy grooves and heavy guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods when played at loud volumes. Monolord is for more than just doom-metal fanatics; this is an epic record for all fans of guitar driven rock and roll, stoner rock, and heavy riffs. 'Empress Rising' has all of the flavours of an iconic doom record and follows in the footsteps of Sleep, Holy Mountain, Pallbearer's 'Sorrow and Extinction', Electric Wizard's 'Witchcult Today' with melodic vocals and harmonies that are super psychedelic and easy to sing along to.
Format: CD | Cat-No:17966 | Price: € 14,99
MONOMYTH: Saturnalia Regalia
VÖ: 08.08.2014
Monomyth is a four-piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia which carries on the hallowed East Coast tradition of janglophile pop with a smirking sense of humour, stadium-sized hooks, and starry-eyed harmonies from the barbershop of broken dreams
Format: CD | Cat-No:18082 | Price: € 15,99
MONOMYTH: Saturnalia Regalia LP
VÖ: 08.08.2014
Monomyth is a four-piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia which carries on the hallowed East Coast tradition of janglophile pop with a smirking sense of humour, stadium-sized hooks, and starry-eyed harmonies from the barbershop of broken dreams
Format: LP | Cat-No:18083 | Price: € 24,99
MONSTER MAGNET: Last Patrol + 2 2LP black
Format: LP | Cat-No:16751 | Price: € 22,99

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