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GAZPACHO: Firebird
VÖ: 26.11.2016
Neuauflage des 2005er Albums via K-Scope
Format: CD | Cat-No:23177 | Price: € 12,99
GAZPACHO: When Earth Lets Go
VÖ: 28.11.2016
Wiederveröffentlichung des 2004er Albums „When Earth Lets Go“ als Digipak CD mit 8-seitigem Booklet. Die Norweger sind die Post-Progressive Art-Rock Sensation!
Format: CD | Cat-No:22816 | Price: € 12,99
ab sofort lieferbar
Imagine if Styx hadn’t gone down the AOR and pop road in the second half of the 1970s, but instead had remained deeply embedded in the prog tradition of the early part of that decade. Imagine, for just a glorious moment, that we remembered Styx not for KILROY WAS HERE, but rather for CRYSTAL BALL and EQUINOX? Then, throw in some British rockers to replace the ones from Chicago. Then, add the perfectionist and never-wavering mighty bassist and Welshman, the brilliant and steadfast Matt Cohen. What you might find yourself with is a little piece of perfection in a rather dreadfully fallen world. And, thus, you’d hold in your hand, Ghost Community’s CYCLE OF LIFE.
Ghost Community is Matthew Cohen – bass (The Reasoning / Magenta), Simon Rogers – guitar (Also Eden), Jake Bradford-Sharp – drums (The Reasoning), Moray Macdonald – keyboards (Godsticks) and the band’s singer supreme, John Paul Vaughan (Unbroken Spirit). Produced & mixed -Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief)
Format: CD | Cat-No:22380 | Price: € 15,99
GIFT: Why The Sea Is Salt
ab sofort lieferbar
Why The Sea Is Salt consists of six superbly crafted songs, including one bona-fide epic in All These Things. As always the emphasis is on melody and lyricism, with the core writing team now bolstered by the return of founder member Leroy James and by classical pianist Gabriele Baldocci. Mike Morton’s heartfelt lyrics are at the fore, with themes including love, loss, rampant materialism and the nature of the sea. The album is also graced by stellar guest performances from ex-Genesis guitarists Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips, and by Tiger Moth Tales and Red Bazar multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones.
Format: CD | Cat-No:22835 | Price: € 15,99
GLASS HAMMER: Double Live Deluxe 2CD+DVD
Two CDs – One Bonus DVD! Recorded at RoSFest 2015, Glass Hammer “Double Live” marks the bands first live album in over ten years. Prog Magazine declares Glass Hammer’s RoSfest 2015 performance, “…the boldest set of the weekend. Steve Babb and Fred Schendel have always succeeded in creating an ensemble that fully complements their sense of musical grandeur.”
Format: CD | Cat-No:20233 | Price: € 23,99
GODSTICKS: Emergence
Einlegen, aufdrehen, versinken. Das bislang Beste, was GODSTICKS zu bieten haben – 50 Minuten Dampfhammer-Prog, bei dem mindestens alle 10 Sekunden etwas von Belang passiert.
(S. Ganser/musikreviews.de -12.5/15)
Format: CD | Cat-No:19817 | Price: € 12,99
GONG: Rejoice! I'm Dead Deluxe Edition 2CD+DVDA
VÖ: 16.09.2016
Double CD / DVDA version in a deluxe 12''
44 page hardback book, featuring the album, a bonus cd of extras and a dvda disc with 24/96 PCM stereo and DTS 96/24 5.1 digital surround mixes.
Format: CD | Cat-No:22770 | Price: € 49,99
Einen exzellenten, zeitlosen, kantig-vielschichtigen Prog im Geiste der 70er Jahre bietet "Sersophane", ohne allzu deutliche Bezüge zu den damaligen Größen des Genres (und auch nicht zu rezenter tätigen Retroprogkollegen), ausgesprochen druckvoll produziert, sehr abwechslungsreich und mit viel eigenem, skandinavisch-klangvollem Charakter. Ich hoffe, wir müssen nicht wieder fünf Jahre auf einen Nachfolger warten. Stark!
Achim Breiling/BBS - 12/15 Punkten
Format: CD | Cat-No:23121 | Price: € 15,99
ab sofort lieferbar
Dark and dystopian, the fourth album by this Swedish instrumental progressive post-rock quartet is characterized by an eclectic mix of references, combining tight minimalistic grooves and driving/aggressive rhythms with unruly noise and a vibrant edge.
Format: LP | Cat-No:23122 | Price: € 22,99
GROBSCHNITT: Solar Movie: Live at Rockpalast Ltd. 2CD+DVD+2LP+Booklet
ab sofort lieferbar - wir liefern portofrei innerhalb Deutschlands
Unter dem Titel „SOLAR MOVIE“ erscheint das neue limitierte Grobschnitt Box-Set. Das Herzstück der siebenteiligen Box ist der komplette Rockpalast-Auftritt vom 08. Dezember 1978 aus der Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. Dazu erscheinen noch weitere liebevoll restaurierte Soundperlen aus der Hochzeit der Hagener Band…
Format: CD | Cat-No:22682 | Price: € 119,99

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